Belts are mechanical elements used for power transmission without phase shift. They are loops of flexible materials used to mechanically connect several rotating shafts, most often parallel. Belts can be used as atransmission element,有效地传输功率或运动。


  • 如何选择传动带?



    The type of belt you should use depends on the type of application:

    • 要传输的扭矩
    • rotational speed
    • center distance
    • reduction ratio
    • 温度和润滑条件
  • 为什么选择平带?

    Forbo Siegling平带
    Forbo Siegling平带



    • In the case of large pulleys, wide flat belts can be used to提供high power at high speeds (up to 373 kW at 51 m/s).
    • Better efficiency than V-belts, over 98%.
    • 比v-belts更长的使用寿命。
    • 非常安静的操作。
    • Large center distance possible.


    • Risk of pulley displacement.
    • 需要高压维护。
    • 当施加重载荷时,在滑轮上滑动倾向。


  • 为什么选择V形腰带?

    Timken Belts V-belt
    Timken Belts V-belt



    • The V-shaped section of the belt follows a groove in the pulley, which prevents the belt from slipping and improves torque transmission.
    • 它越宽于平带,因此占用较少的空间。
    • 它不需要像绷紧一样。
    • 最佳速度范围为300至2,130米/分钟。
    • 对于高功率要求,可以在称为“多皮带驱动器”的布置中并排组装两个或更多个V形腰带。

    V-belts, also called梯形腰带,可以由橡胶或聚合物制成而不加强,或者它们可以使纤维掺入橡胶或聚合物中以增加强度。这些纤维可以由纺织材料(如棉花),聚酰胺(如尼龙),聚酯或更大的强度,钢或芳族聚酰胺(如kevlar)制成。

    When a seamless belt does not meet the requirements of the application, articulated V-belts can be used. Most models offer the same power and speed as无尽的皮带of the same size and do not require special pulleys to operate. They are easy to install and have a higher environmental resistance than rubber belts. They are also adjustable in length if you choose to remove the links.

  • 为什么选择罗纹带?

    HUTCHINSON Transmissions ribbed belt

    As its name suggests, this kind of belt isribbed纵向,大大增加了滑轮和带之间的接触表面。它通过将皮带的脊部粘附到皮带轮上而工作。其一体式结构允许皮带轮接触表面上的皮带张力的均匀分布。


    • 宽功率范围(从0到600 kW)。
    • 使用寿命长和可靠性。
    • Large transmission ratio possible.
    • 稳定的张力。
    • Quiet transmission.

    Ribbed belts are used as drive belts on automobiles. They are also used for large electrical appliances (i.e. washing machines, dryers) and on concrete mixers, compressors, lawnmowers, etc.

  • 为什么选择同步开槽带?

    Tempo slotted belt
    Tempo slotted belt

    同步带are slotted. They are used, for example, to drive camshafts or for the secondary transmission of some motorcycles. They are also used on many industrial or agricultural machines. Synchronous belts are essential for avoiding any phase shifts. A belt that isn’t slotted will always shift due to its elasticity, even if it is very taut.



    • They guarantee the synchronization of the system and the transmission of movement without slipping.
    • Since power transmission is accomplished through gear meshing, unlike other belts, these belts are able to withstand low speeds and require a lower initial tension.
  • 皮带驱动有哪些优点?

    Compared to other transmission systems (gears, chains, etc.), belts offer many advantages:

    • More flexible
    • Quieter
    • Don’t require lubricant
    • Don’t require parallel shaft
    • The clutch action can be activated by releasing the belt tension
    • 防止过载和障碍
    • 效率从95到98%
    • 更容易安装和维护
    • 机器使用寿命增加,因为负载波动被吸收
    • 降低总安装成本
    • 低维护成本
    • When the distance between the shafts is very large, belt drives are the most economical option
  • What are the disadvantages of a belt drive?

    Compared to other transmission systems, belts have some disadvantages:

    • 如果他们打破或停止工作,不能修复,他们必须被替换
    • Deterioration due to exposure to lubricants or chemicals
    • 通常,操作温度受到-35至85°C的限制
    • Not compact
    • 需要收紧
    • The speed ratio varies due to belt slippage
    • Limited speed, about 35 m/s
    • 皮带驱动器的角速度并不恒定
    • 腰带是有限的电力传输370kW, which increases heat accumulation
    • 皮带驱动器通常在轴和轴承上占据重载
    • To compensate for wear and stretching, belts also require a deflection pulley or an adjustment of the center distance.
  • 传动带可以用于什么?

    One of the best known applications for belts is the automotive industry: cars have a ribbed belt to synchronize the movements of the main engine components (valve, pistons) during the various operating phases. A ribbed belt drives a number of peripheral components: alternator, power steering pump, water pump, etc. For the transport industry, we could also mention bicycles and motorcycles. Belts are also used in a wide range of industrial applications requiring motion or power transmission, particularly in输送机

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