A pump is a mechanical device that transports media by transforming the energy supplied by a motor into hydraulic energy.
该first criterion for choosing a pump is the type of media concerned. The technical characteristics of the media must be taken into account because they will determine the choice of pump.

该n, in order to properly dimension the machine and calculate the operating point of the pump, it is necessary to know the parameters of the network such as: flow rate, suction head, discharge head, head losses, etc.

This guide will give you an overview of the main types of pumps and the typical situations in which they are used.
We do not, however, deal with hydraulic pumps (also known as power pumps) or vacuum pumps in this section. These two products, which differ in application and technology, are presented and offered separately.

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  • How to choose a pump?

    ANDRITZ water pump
    ANDRITZ water pump

    In order to choose a pump that meets your needs, you must determine its characteristics according to its use.


    • 该gydF4y2Ba你需要的流量gydF4y2Ba:gydF4y2Bagenerally measured in m3.gydF4y2Ba/ h(立方米/小时)或GPM(每分钟加仑),流程一定会影响泵的尺寸和尺寸;gydF4y2Ba
    • 该gydF4y2Ba吸头gydF4y2Ba(进气吸入管和之间的高度the pump): as a general rule, the suction head must not exceed 10 meters. Beyond this, it is necessary to consider using a submersible pump.
    • 该gydF4y2Badischarge head(height between the pump and the discharge pipe outlet).
    • 该length of the discharge circuit.
    • Head losses与泵送电路(阀门,弯曲等)上的障碍相关联。gydF4y2Ba
    • Whether there is adischarge tank或者不能改变头部。gydF4y2Ba
    • 该gydF4y2Ba温度gydF4y2Bathus depends on the choice of pump casing

    该se different values allow you to calculate thenpsha.gydF4y2Ba(Net Positive Suction Head available) of the setup. This will allow you to choose a suitable pump and avoid any risk of cavitation. You will also have to control the efficiency; which must be optimal at 30% more or less than the desired nominal flow rate.


    • media
    • flow
    • pressure
    • 温度gydF4y2Ba
    • 吸头gydF4y2Ba
    • discharge head
    • 头部损失gydF4y2Ba
  • What kind of media do I need to pump?

    该media that needs to be transported is very important when choosing a pump as the characteristics of the pump depend on itsviscosity(i.e. the fluid’s resistance to a uniform flow), itssuction temperature和whether or not there are坚实的元素gydF4y2Ba在里面。您需要确定要运输的介质是否是化学中性的或腐蚀性,以便选择旨在在这些条件下运行的泵。gydF4y2Ba

    作为一般规则,媒体越粘,流过泵送系统的流量越难,但要小心,介质的粘度根据操作条件而变化。根据其粘度水平,有4个主要的液体组;在第一组中,有液体如gydF4y2Bawater那gydF4y2Ba油gydF4y2Ba要么gydF4y2Ba醇gydF4y2Bathat move in the same way regardless of speed or level of agitation. For these types of uses you will not have many constraints in choosing your pump. In the second group there are certain食物产品vwin德赢官方网站gydF4y2Ba如粘度随着搅拌而增加的黄油或奶油;因此,在这些情况下,标准离心泵不适合流体流动。第三组包括在流动之前具有要超出阈值的介质。一旦达到了这一点,粘度随着搅拌而减小。gydF4y2BaAdhesives那gydF4y2Bapaints和gydF4y2Bagreasesare part of the fourth group that are very thick at rest, but their viscosity decreases if constant agitation is maintained.

    Generally, for low viscosity fluids (the first and second group)离心泵sare the most suitable because the pumping action generates a high shear rate of the fluid, as the viscosity increases you will have to take into account the additional resistance that the fluid will exert on the shear rate. On the other handpositive-displacement pumpsare the best choice for粘性流体gydF4y2Ba(第三和第四组)因为它们以较低的速度操作,并且转移到流体的剪切能量低于离心泵的剪切能量。gydF4y2Ba


    • water pump
    • 油pump
    • wastewater pump
    • slurry pump
    • 化学泵gydF4y2Ba
    • grease pump
    • food product pump
  • What are the different types of pumps?


    Centrifugal pumps (the fluid is sucked in by a paddle wheel or propeller); are the most common model.
    Diaphragm pumps (the fluid is sucked in by the oscillation of a diaphragm).
    Peristaltic pumps (the fluid is pushed into a pipe compressed by rotating rollers).

    还有pumps dedicated to specific uses, which incorporate the various operating principles described above, for example:

    • Metering pumps那要么dosing pumps, are used to inject a fluid precisely and accurately.
    • Lift pumps例如用于疏散浪费水。gydF4y2Ba
    • Drum pumps用于将包含在滚筒或罐中的流体转移。gydF4y2Ba
    • Lubrication pumpsas their name indicates are used to manage the lubrication of a system.
    • Submersible pumpsdirectly suck the fluid into the pump so it is not limited by the suction height.
  • When should you use a centrifugal pump?


    You can consider using a离心泵gydF4y2Baif you need to pump media with a低粘度gydF4y2Ba和potentially含有固体元素gydF4y2Ba。Centrifugal pumps are robust equipment that generally offer good efficiency.

    This type of pump can pumplarge volumes和at a恒定流量gydF4y2Ba。一般来说,它们不是自吸画。因此,您必须在泵投入使用之前独立填充电路。gydF4y2Ba

    You can also consider this type of pump for supplying a wastewater treatment plant, or transporting thick fluids or cleaning fluids, such as in the petrochemical industry.


    • 高速gydF4y2Ba
    • 低粘度gydF4y2Ba
    • solid particle concentration
    • 兴奋gydF4y2Ba
  • When should you use a peristaltic pump?

    VERDERFLEX peristaltic pump
    VERDERFLEX peristaltic pump

    You can consider using aperistaltic pump,这是理想的gydF4y2Ba清洁gydF4y2Ba那gydF4y2Basterile要么gydF4y2Ba侵略性gydF4y2Ba当您需要确保泵送的流体不被外部药剂污染时,媒体。这些泵也允许您gydF4y2Ba剂量gydF4y2Bathe media precisely. With this type of pump, the media moves through a pipe or tube and is not in contact with the pump body, which guarantees a hygienic pumping solution.

    该se are self-priming pumps, because the recovery of the pipe creates a priming action and allows the pump to evacuate fluids containing air or possible gaseous residues.

    On the other hand, this type of pump is relatively cumbersome compared to other pumps with similar flow rates. Additionally, the flow rate is not constant because the peristaltic pump operates with pulsations. This type of pump also requires regular maintenance to prevent wear and tear of the hose in the pump body, but the hose is the only element that needs to be replaced, which represents a relatively low cost.

    Peristaltic pumps generally operate at low flow rates. They are mainly used in the chemical industry and medical field.


    • sterile or aggressive media
    • metering pump
    • low-flow
    • self-priming
  • When should you use a diaphragm pump?


    You can consider using adiaphragm pumpwhen you need to transport very viscous or very dense media. Generally these pumps are双膜片gydF4y2Bato allow the suction and then the discharge of the media to be conveyed. These pumps can run dry: they do not require lubrication and are self-priming. These pumps are mainly used in the chemical industry, but they are extremely flexible so they are now used in many sectors such as the food industry, electronics and the mining industry.



    • highly viscous fluids
    • dry running
    • self-priming
    • pneumatic operation
    • high flexibility
  • 你应该什么时候使用齿轮泵?gydF4y2Ba

    WITTE gear pump
    WITTE gear pump

    You can use agear pumpwhen you need to transportviscous liquidsat a高压力gydF4y2Ba那if they don’t contain any solid particles. As such they are suitable for pumping highly viscous materials at high temperatures, and they also have the ability to reverse their pumping direction.

    该se pumps are characterized by恒定流量gydF4y2Ba操作期间的噪音很少。这些泵通常可靠且gydF4y2Bacompactwith a simple design, so their maintenance will not be very expensive. However they are not ideal for very high-flow uses.

    该y are widely used in the automotive industry to lubricate all engine parts. They are also often used inplastic processing,在自动压制或铸造扇区。这些泵还可以提供给药功能。gydF4y2Ba


    • 粘性流体gydF4y2Ba
    • 高压力gydF4y2Ba
    • 连续流动gydF4y2Ba
    • metering pump
    • low-flow
  • When should you use a piston pump?

    LEWA plunger pump
    LEWA plunger pump

    活塞泵gydF4y2Bacan be used for low viscosity and medium-flow media (in the range of 80 m³/h). Additionally, pumping solid particles is impossible with this type of equipment because the pump can ensure proper operation only if the seal between the cylinder and the piston is perfect.

    For high-pressure uses, you can opt for a柱塞泵gydF4y2Ba那they differ from piston pumps in that the seal does not move with the piston, it is fixed and therefore able to withstand higher pressures.

    该re are different versions of multiple piston pumps (duplex,triplex等)确保泵的较长寿命,因为压力分布在几个活塞上。在这些情况下,小心旋转速度,因为当您选择减少活塞的数量达到相同的压力水平时,速度将更高,因此,可能存在更高的脉动。gydF4y2Ba

    该se pumps are therefore ideal for reaching high pressures, and are thus very suitable for applications such as oil pumping, high pressure cleaners or for dosing applications as an alternative to diaphragm pumps.

    Selection criteria for choosing a piston pump

    • 高压力gydF4y2Ba
    • 低粘度gydF4y2Ba
    • medium-flow
    • solid-free media
  • How to choose between a submersible pump and a surface mounted pump?

    KSB submersible pump
    KSB submersible pump

    Choosing between asubmersible pump和a surface mounted pump depends on the overall吸头。gydF4y2Ba如果被吸引的媒体更深gydF4y2Ba7米gydF4y2Ba那then you’ll need to use a submersible pump as a surface mounted pump would not be able to extract a fluid at this depth.

    On the other hand, if the suction head allows for the use of both types of pump, the choice should be made according to the应用gydF4y2Ba那gydF4y2Ba环境条件gydF4y2Ba和gydF4y2Bafrequency of use。gydF4y2Ba


    在表面安装泵的情况下,您可以选择一个gydF4y2Baself-priming pumpwhen the circuit cannot be independently primed. This type of pump is equipped with a mechanism to remove air from the suction pipe and a non-return valve to prevent the liquid from flowing back into the suction pipe when the pump is stopped.


    • 吸头gydF4y2Ba
    • installation conditions
    • frequency of use
    • 保养gydF4y2Ba
    • 兴奋gydF4y2Ba
  • What are the main motors used for pumps?

    Godwin motor pump
    Godwin motor pump

    Pumps generally have two distinct parts: the pump part itself, which transports the media, and the motorization part, which drives the pump.

    Electric pumpsthat use an electric motor are the most common. The power supply depends in particular on the head (suction head + discharge head), head losses, transport distance and flow rate.

    Autonomous pumps are generally电机泵gydF4y2Baequipped with acombustion engine。与需要外部能量源的传统泵不同,电机泵是泵,通常离心,与内燃机(柴油或汽油)相关,这使其在其使用中自主。这种类型的泵主要用于农业和应急准备的抗火。当液体必须长距离运输时,电动机泵也可用作继电器。gydF4y2Ba

    还有gydF4y2Bapneumatic pumpsthat operate with compressed air; these pumps are mainly used to increase the pressure in a circuit. Without referring tomanual pumps那some pumps can be sold without a motor. It is then necessary to provide the system that will enable them to operate.


    • 电动泵gydF4y2Ba
    • pneumatic pump
    • pump with combustion engine (motor pump)
  • 你如何避免泵空化?gydF4y2Ba

    Cavitation occurs when the pumped liquid is close to its boiling point (i.e. its transformation into gas, which depends on the temperature of the liquid and the pressure it is subjected to). Cavitation is caused by the formation of imploding vapor bubbles which can quickly damage the pump and generate noise that can be annoying.


    If a cavitation problem still occurs, you may consider some modifications that will increase the NPSHa, such as:

    • Reducing the media temperature at the pump inlet (for example by adding a cooling ring).
    • 降低泵速度。gydF4y2Ba
    • Installing a suction hose with a larger diameter.
    • Reducing the head losses (caused in particular by friction) by eliminating unnecessary bends and valves.

    You can also reduce the NPSHr by taking the following steps for example:

    • Reducing the diameter of the discharge pipe.
    • Installing a a throttle valve on the discharge circuit.
    • 用更好适应操作条件的泵更换现有泵。gydF4y2Ba
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