A concrete mixer is a machine that homogeneously mixes cement, aggregates such as sand or gravel, and water to form concrete. A concrete mixer uses a rotating drum to mix the components. For small jobs, mobile concrete mixers are often used to make the concrete on the construction site and give workers enough time to use it before it hardens.


  • 如何选择混凝土搅拌机?

    IMER International concrete mixer
    IMER International concrete mixer


    In order to choose the right concrete mixer for your job, you must first determine the volume of concrete you will need. It is important to know that a tank can be filled to a maximum of 80%. When a manufacturer talks about混合体积, it is therefore 80% of the volume of the tank: don’t confuse these two volumes.


    • 偶尔使用(小型工程)。如果您需要一个用于单个工地的混凝土搅拌机,则可能就足够了60升罐。为此目的,有利于电动混凝土搅拌机。
    • Frequent use(中型工作场所)。这里,120升混凝土混合器通常足够。根据作业的大小,您可以将卷增加到160或190升。如果您在保证通用电力的网站上工作, favor an electric concrete mixer.
    • Regular or intensive use(large worksites, professional worksites). If you need concrete non-stop, every day, you will have to opt for a larger tank, at least 250 liters (to be calculated according to your needs). For this purpose, use a model with a combustion engine to avoid problems related to power supply.
  • Why choose an electric concrete mixer?




    • Low costs: low selling price, virtually no maintenance, no consumables (oil or gasoline).
    • 无论外部温度如何,它们立即开始。
    • Thanks to their compact size, they are easy to use indoors.
    • 该y are lighter and more maneuverable than concrete mixers with combustion engines.

    该y also have some disadvantages:

    • You need to have an on-site power supply.
    • Not suitable for intensive use.
  • 为什么选择具有燃烧发动机的混凝土搅拌机?

    SIRL SA柴油混凝土搅拌机
    SIRL SA柴油混凝土搅拌机

    A concrete mixer with a combustion engine is essential for large construction sites where it is going to be used almost every day. They are noisier, heavier and more cumbersome than electric concrete mixers, but they have enough advantages to outweigh their disadvantages:

    • 该y are autonomous: they run ongasolineor柴油机,所以他们不依赖于电力供应。
    • 更适合大型建筑工地:燃烧发动机比电动机更强大,更强壮。
    • Longer service life.
    • Easy to move: generally equipped with inflatable road-towable tires.


    • 重量。
    • Noise level.
    • 有时难以开始。
  • What are the alternatives to using a concrete mixer?

    Titan Makina搅拌机卡车
    Titan Makina搅拌机卡车

    该re are other alternatives to buying or renting a concrete mixer. For example, you can have ready-made concrete delivered to you.


    mixer truck,是一辆专门从事新混凝土运输的卡车。包含混凝土的旋转罐略微倾斜。通常由液压电动机泵单元传递的旋转允许材料连续混合并防止混凝土在运输过程中被隔离。混合卡车可以从4到10米的运输3.混凝土。

    该y are available in the following sizes:

    • 能够运输4米的4×2或4×4(最大19t)3.混凝土(约9.2吨)
    • 6×4(最大26t)能够运输5.5米3.混凝土(约13.2吨)
    • 8×4 (32 t maxi) capable of transporting 7.5m3.of concrete (about 18 t)
    • 2轴半拖车(38 T Maxi)能够运输10米3.of concrete (about 24 t)





    Mixer truck with pump

    A mixer truck with pumpis also a handling vehicle for transporting concrete to remote or hard-to-reach areas. Thanks to its handling device, it can deliver concrete at distances of more than 150 meters while delivering about 20 to 150m3.per hour.

    该different pumping techniques include:

    • 活塞泵:活塞和气缸的系统which sucks up concrete, and another system of pistons and cylinders that releases it.
    • 该impeller pump: the compression of a flexible conduit, powered by a rotating part, activates the pumping.



    Self-loading concrete mixer

    Unlike the mixer truck, which transports concrete that’s been previously mixed in the factory, theself-loading concrete mixer只有在交付网站到达时才混合混凝土。这可以防止干混凝土并提供更好的质量材料。自动加载混凝土搅拌机既有生态又更经济,因为它可以精确地生产每个项目所需的混凝土量。这可以防止浪费昂贵和环保的混凝土。

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